Our app is always updating. That means you'll be able to find new categories for your products every few days!

"Why don't you give me the best categories from the start?", I hear you ask.

We do.

But as your catalogue changes, so do your best categories. As seasons pass, so do the things that users search for. When there is a new coolness, shoppers start searching for it and new trends arise. And as new trends arise... you see where I'm going with this.

Trends are fascinating. The number of users looking for a new type of product or just a new way of talking about products you sell today can grow meteorically. 🚀
Most stores don't have a way to track the newest ways people search in their industry, so the number of eCommerce shops marketing their products in this new way lags behind. 

That's an opportunity for you: sky-rocketing numbers of users looking and minimal competition marketing their products that way.

Did you take a look at your category recommendation table today? It might be time to unlock some new shoppers... 🔓🤫

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