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When you first log in to the platform as an enterprise customer, you'll see your personalised category recommendation table: an overview of all the ways in which users could search to find your products on Google for a particular market, along with useful search marketing data provided by our partner SEMrush.

The recommended categories view

Here is an example category recommendation screen:

The table shows the following columns:

  • A category is a way that a user in Google could search for your product. It includes very popular search terms like "dresses", so-called mid-tail searches like "sleeveless gucci dress" and much longer tail terms like "grey suede lace-up high-tops". You may also call a category a keyword or a search term.
  • The demand is how many number of times this category was searched for last month in this market.
  • Your products shows how many items in your catalogue match up to a given category.
  • The difficulty is how hard it would be for Google to think your page is the most relevant result to show for this search in this market.
  • Market shows the market for which we are getting your products and for which we are showing the search engine metrics.
  • Live shows whether or not a category page which has been created for this category has gone live.

Finding the best category page recommendations

We don't use your current on-site search engine, since on-site search engines do not understand Google searches. The platform includes a search engine which understands both Google searches and your products. 

You can click on a product to see the labels we generated about this product from the Universal Product Ontology (see What is the Universal Product Ontology?). If you'd explore this more, you can click on Search when you first log in and explore how we surface the correct products for even quite tricky Google search terms.

At the top of the category recommendation table, you'll see that you can filter the results manually. You might like to zoom in on a certain area by filtering the category table by a word, e.g. trousers:

By default, we have set up the Recommended categories view to display the top SEO category recommendations for you. This filtered view features a maximum difficulty of 75 and categories sorted by demand. 

This is showing the best categories for your products which have lots of people looking for them on Google but relatively few other retailers competing by marketing their products in this way.

We have some other views available:

  • All product categories shows you every product category which matches up to your catalogue;
  • Top categories features the most searched categories in your domain and market;
  • Live categories is where you find the category pages you've already set live;
  • In progress categories are your category page drafts. You may want to check this view every now and then in order to check that you haven't forgotten to set one live!

Creating a new category page

Click on a category in order to see category page preview with an automatic selection of your products and our dynamic text templates. From there, you can choose to edit the product selection or the category page content, then set your page live.

More on this in the rest of our help centre.

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