's Top SEO Categories is the tool which helps you find the most popular categories in your domain and market. 

When looking for keywords and product categories to increase organic traffic, SEO and Content Managers do well to research what their competitors are doing.

After all, your competitors have already invested time and money into the same questions and issues. So steal their intel. 😈

How Top SEO Categories saves you time

You could look up each competitor manually and study their traffic.

Or you could use our free tool to instantly access an overview of the main traffic-driving categories in your market.

Step 1

Go to

Step 2

Select the right market for you.

Step 3

Look up your competitor. Let's say you're interested in Burberry:

You see result #2 and click on it to explore more types of Burberry jackets.

Great. Now you know that "quilted jackets" and "vests" are the most popular jacket categories for which US-based organic users visit the Burberry website.

Step 4

Look up your categories of interest. If you want to take a deep dive into "jackets", you may see that blazers have huge demand. 

And then you might click on "blazer", which has rather high demand.

And then you might find that there are lots of people looking for...:

 Sequin blazers! 

You may even find a totally new way to name your cardigans:

Sweater blazers.

It's up to you to capitalise on this information and create beautiful and insightful category pages to steal some of your competitors' traffic.


The thrill of a deep dive can get addictive. Use Top SEO Categories at your own risk.

Bonus step

Top SEO Categories shows you how users style their items. If you want to dig even further, you can click on any Instagram image and:

  1. Peep at the other hashtags the user posted
  2. Find opportunities for influencer marketing and partnerships


All the information you need is out there. Top SEO Categories is the free tool that helps you unlock the organic traffic your store deserves. Let us know what you think!

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